AREPA: Anti-Racist Education Partners for Action

We are a network of Research-Practice Partnership (RPP) groups in Southern California across UCI and UCLA. Starting with funding from the WT Grant Foundation, we are a collective that is focused on partnering with educators and examining how to utilize the latest research about anti-racism to make positive changes in local schools.

Our Mission

We create partnership groups with educators (e.g. teachers, students, counselors, principals etc.) who meet regularly, learn about research about anti-racism, and try to change policies and programs in local schools to create more inclusive and positive environments for students that value their racialized experiences. We conduct research on how to support research-use for anti-racist aims, how to create partnerships to make change in schools, and how to partner together to co-design more racially inclusive learning environments.

Our History

Our group started with initial funding from the WT Grant Foundation (3-year $600,000 grant, August 2021- July 2024).

Please check back on this project page where we will share our emerging research findings, community developments, and learnings.

Who We Are

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