Community Research Fellows

All doctoral students in the UCI School of Education can participate in the Community Research Fellowship. No perquisites or funding are required. The Fellowship provides training and in Research-Practice Partnership (RPP) methodologies that our doctoral students bring with them to their future careers as community-engaged scholars.

To complete the Fellowship, students:

  • Attend the bi-weekly OCEAN Seminar series for an entire academic year (~12 seminars)
  • Complete the doctoral course sequence that includes (1) Research-Practice Partnerships and (2) Design-Based Implementation Research
  • Volunteer or work as a funded GSR with a partnership site (e.g. school, community organization etc.) and complete a partnership research project
  • Contribute to the OCEAN community by leading a seminar, contributing to the newsletter/website, or organizing events

We are currently recruiting doctoral students who are interested in receiving this fellowship. Please contact Dr. June Ahn if interested at

Current Community Research Fellows:

AY 21-22 Fellows

Past Community Research Fellows:

Over the years, a diverse group of students have completed the OCEAN Community Research Fellowship:

Ashlee Belgrave (2021)
Vanessa Bermudez (2021)
Socorro Cambero (2021)
Lora Cawelti (2021)
Phebe Chew (2021)
Leiny Garcia (2021)
Daniel Hodge (2021)
Jiwon Lee (2021)
John Lopez (2021)

Verenisse Ponce Soria (2021)
Michelle Ramos (2021)
Maricela Banuelos (2019)
Ha Nguyen (2019)
Yenda Prado (2019)
Jennifer Renick (2019)
Jacob Steiss (2019)
Chris Wegemer (2019)

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