School-Wide Improvement in Mathematics (SWIM) RPP

Our Mission

School-Wide Improvement in Mathematics is a research-practice partnership between UCI School of Education, the Orange County Department of Education, and Newport Mesa Unified School District. The project aims to reduce inequalities in mathematics learning opportunities among minoritized elementary school children. It centers on adaptive teacher professional development and principal instructional leadership support.  Through a focus on mathematics curriculum standards and professional collaboration, researchers and practitioners engage in improvement efforts tailored to address specific problems of practice at each school site while also contributing theoretical and research knowledge to the field of teacher learning.

Our History

The work began in 2019 as a partnership between UCI, OCDE, and Rea Elementary School in NMUSD and it centered on improving children’s sense making in mathematics through teacher professional development and collaboration. Teachers participated in mathematics focused learning opportunities and engaged in collaborative lesson planning and analysis of student work. The partnership continued during the COVID 19 pandemic through remote meetings. Several teachers changed their instructional practices towards interactive, student-centered lessons. Children, particularly at the lower elementary grade levels, showed improvement in their mathematical sense making. In 2021, the partnership has scaled up to a network of district elementary-school principals who receive instructional leadership support to facilitate teacher learning and collaboration on standards-based mathematics teaching at their school sites.


Who We Are

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